Interpretation: A Sticky Situation

Principal Timpanist Jason Haaheim on the challenges and joys of preparing and correcting timpani parts, forming an interpretation, and collaborating with different conductors.

Humans of the MET: Dora Figueroa

"I find it immensely rewarding being with the kids and watching them grow. Yes, it can be exhausting to be with both kids the entire day - it was really telling last season, when Rafi and I played Elektra together, that we still found it more relaxing to come to work! But what we find is that you can concentrate and totally immerse yourself in the music without thoughts of anything else - and that often feels much easier than constantly attending to the needs of two young toddlers!

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Statement regarding recent allegations against former Music Director James Levine:

The allegations against former and long-time Music Director James Levine have left the musicians of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra deeply affected. Amidst the anguish felt in the wake of these events, we extend our admiration for the courage shown by those who have come forward. We stand against abuse, be it in the workplace or in society at large, and these painful circumstances have shed light on the need for transformative change in the way these issues are confronted and the ways in which abuse can be prevented from happening in the first place.

Together with our union, Local 802, we have called upon the management of the Metropolitan Opera to ensure a safer workplace by committing to sharing the results of their investigation fully and transparently. Only in this way can we improve the manner in which these issues are addressed in the future.

In difficult moments, we, as artists, find solace and strength in the power of our voices and in opera itself. Each night this week, as we have readied for performances, we have collectively redoubled our commitment to creating the finest and most artistically vibrant opera in the world. As we find ourselves joining a critical national conversation, we feel fortunate to be able to share the power of musical expression with our audience and work to make our society stronger.


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