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NAPA Masterclass- Dov Scheindlin

#WeWillMetAgain has become a mantra for us during this difficult time. One way that we have remained engaged with who we are in our core is through teaching. We are happy to present these masterclasses to you, which we gave this past summer for students of the Blackburn Academy of Festival Napa Valley. These masterclasses were organized by Stephanie Mortimore, Principal piccolo and the panelists volunteered their time, in honor of Joel Revzen.

Joel is someone dear to us who we lost due to complications from CoVid-19. Joel was an Assistant Conductor at the Metropolitan Opera who always put us at ease with his warm smile and kind nature. Joel was also a founder of Festival Napa Valley and Artistic Director and Principal conductor of Classical Tahoe. These classes are in your honor, Joel.

Please enjoy this Viola masterclass given by Dov Scheindlin. “I am lucky to have a partner to play with (Katherine Fong is a violinist at the Met.) I have been taking an hour a day to practice. I need it. I feel thirsty for it.”

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