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MET Orchestra Teams Up With Scientists and Engineers to Find Ways To Get Back To Work Safely

With the pandemic immobilizing Performing Arts, we are taking steps to find ways to get back to work again. Playing for science brings us strength and we hope this work will provide guidelines for a safe working environment.We have teamed up with Dr. Howard A. Stone, Dr. Philippe Bourrianne (Princeton Engineering) and Dr. Manouk Abkarian (CNRS/ Université de Montpellier) – with the help of FLIR Systems- on this innovative study.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey and a preliminary discussion will be held at the IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum on September 16 (link). We will keep you all informed as things evolve!

The voice you’re hearing is Isabel Leonard and we’re so pleased that she’s been working with us on this important work!! The hint of a piece you hear is an arrangement of Ganatchian’s Oror by Serouj Kradjian. We will tell you more about this piece when we share the full recording (soon!).

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