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MET Orchestra Musicians travel to Dallas with Katherine Fong and Sylvia Danburg Volpe

“For musicians, we start when we’re little kids. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling. When it’s something you do your whole life, and suddenly nobody needs you, it was really just devastating, honestly… a project like this has been uplifting… it’s been good for my heart.”
– Sylvia Danburg Volpe, Associate Principal Second Violin

“I tried to play every note just a little longer…I didn’t want it to end”
Katherine Fong, Violin

In May, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra invited 50 MET Orchestra Musicians to Dallas to play Mahler’s “Titan” Symphony #1 with maestro Fabio Luisi, and we were forever grateful for the opportunity.

The DSO arranged for our travel, accomodations, BBQ’s with donors, and parties with the Musicians of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, staff, donors and volunteers, we gave 15 masterclasses and performed in 8 chamber music concerts.

*That wasn’t where the fun ended.*

Southwest Airlines also sent a film crew to create this video for their Southwest airlines community blog!


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