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MET Orchestra Musicians perform with soprano Mihoko Kinoshita

 Have you missed hearing opera arias with the MET Orchestra?
➡ Please enjoy the following opera collaboration with the Nikikai Opera Theatre in #Tokyo!
This opera concert video was filmed remotely and collaboratively by members of MET Orchestra Musicians in NYC at the HighLineNine gallery in Chelsea, and Ms. Mihoko Kinoshita, soprano of Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theatre at the beautiful luxury arts and shopping complex, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.
In this video, we chose three arias from the most popular opera repertoire in the world. The MET Musicians filmed and recorded these arrangements by MET Violist Dov Scheindlin, and then Ms. Kinoshita added to the recording her beautiful arias and videos.
Heard here are Amy Kauffman (Violin), Sylvia Danburg Volpe (Associate Principal Second Violin), Milan Milisavljevic (Principal Viola), Dorothea Figueroa (Associate Principal Cello), and Rex Surany (Principal Bass).
This video created for the Hibiya Festival is a combination of music and visual arts full of originality.
➡ To support the MET Orchestra Musicians who are still in need, please visit METOrchestraMusicians.org to donate today.
For more information about our concert, please visit:
or the “Hibiya Fes” YouTube Channel.
For information about the Nikikai Opera Theater, please visit: http://www.nikikai.net
Filmed by Joan Argemí (NYC)

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