Humans of the MET: Peter Bond

by Katherine Anderson, violist

Peter Bond, MET Orchestra trumpeter, doodler, and DIY-er, shares his unique and hilarious perspective on keeping things fresh and enjoyable in the MET Orchestra.

Katherine Anderson: Pete, would you be willing to be interviewed for the Humans of the Met?

Peter Bond: I'm flattered you think I qualify as a "human" of the Met!

KA: [Laughs] I’ve noticed that you bike to work a lot from your home in New Jersey. How did you get into biking?

PB: I started bicycling about 30 years ago and was amazed. The sensation was the same as when I first did it as a little kid: Freedom! I didn't bike much when I first got the job in the MET Orchestra and moved to New York 25 years ago, and I had issues with depression. When I took it up again, voilà (viola?) - I felt much better. Perhaps the depression had something to do with working in the dark all of the time.

KA: What other interests do you have, apart from playing opera all the time?

PB: I love doing DIY projects of dubious quality. I made a retirement gift for trombonist David Langlitz: cigar stand/humidor/lamp made from an old trombone. Alumni of the Japan tours will recognize the accessories box.

KA: Pete, that is hysterically funny - I’m sure David treasures that gift!

PB: I also enjoy teaching trumpet privately, and I am finishing a method book about using literal speech and singing as models in brass playing for [publisher] Theodore Presser. (Well, they wish I'd finish it.) Also, I teach privately and at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival in Tennessee every June and July.

KA: What are some of your favorite parts about playing in the MET Orchestra?

PB: Dressing up and making a fool of myself on stage!

KA: Yes, I remember that famous L'elisir d'amore costume...

PB: Rock ’n’ roll cornet circa 1830. ("Slash" has nothin' on me - except several million dollars, perhaps.) By the way, that's my grandfather's 1918 army-issued cornet and mouthpiece.

KA: Wow! 

PB: I've also been known to doodle in my music during long tacets.

KA: I had no idea you were such a talented artist! Any other thoughts you'd like to share?

PB: Just that I have great colleagues in the MET Orchestra, which goes a long way towards humanizing what can be a grueling work schedule.

KA: So true. Pete, thanks so much for talking to me and, as always, making me laugh!