in the New York Times

We have been extremely gratified by the response to Michael Cooper's piece in the New York Times about our newly-revamped website and a few of the people behind it.

We were also delighted to be acknowledged by noted orchestra business expert and consultant Drew McManus on his blog, Adaptistration, in a piece entitled, "It's About Damn Time."

After five years of one labor dispute after another, it is satisfying to finally see a musician stakeholder group take a smarter approach toward developing a meaningful online presence. The New York Times published an article by Michael Cooper on 5/20/2014 that examines the website project; how it began, what sets it apart from other efforts, and why it is worth your attention.

Perhaps the most important aspect about, and something just about every other musician website effort seems to miss, is that it doesn’t focus on the labor dispute. In fact, the Met musicians are the first group (employer and employee alike no less) that took to heart advice that’s been asserted here for years in that all parties maintain a separate online resource for labor dispute news and info.

For instance, if you click the “negotiations” main navigation item, it points to a page at the musicians’ local union office website, where you’ll find an archive of Met musician related press statements. The rest of the site is filled with a wealth of content about not only the musicians and what life is like in the pit but the Met as an institution and its far-reaching history...
— Drew McManus, Adaptistration

Many thanks to our web team: Rob Knopper; Sarah Vonsattel; Jason Haaheim; Billy Short; Weston Sprott; Mary Hammann; Garry, Susan, and Melanie Spector; Katherine Anderson; Katherine Fong; Julia Pilant; Demian Austin; Elena Barere; Richard Kaplan; Garrett Fischbach; James Kreger; Greg Zuber; Joanna Maurer; Christoph Franzgrote; Pedro R Díaz; Stephanie Mortimore; Bruno Eicher; and Yoon Kwon.