Humans of the MET: Yoon Kwon

MET violist Katherine Anderson has been interviewing orchestra members to capture a snapshot of the many personalities of the MET as they talk about their lives both in and out of music.  She recently caught up with Yoon Kwon, a member of the first violin section.

Photo by Stephanie Mortimore

Photo by Stephanie Mortimore

KA: What is the most meaningful thing to you about being a member of the MET Orchestra?


YK: The most meaningful thing to me about playing in the MET Orchestra is that I'm part of something so much bigger than myself. Sometimes it's hard to remember that as a musician. We spend so much time alone in a practice room; it's so internal and we absolutely need to do that in order to perfect our craft and skill. So it’s easy to forget that we're part of something that is much larger, not just the orchestra, not just the opera company, but a part of this amazing city and culture. It makes me feel connected to people, musicians, and lovers of music alike. 


KA: Something we may not know about you?


YK: I thrive on going out of my comfort zone and trying new things! I had a playing injury last year. I overplayed and didn't listen to my body. During that time I wasn't able to play the violin, so I needed to find another creative outlet. I discovered a passion for photography and film, and that led to starting a few YouTube channels which was WAY out of my comfort zone! What I discovered was that people want to relate and connect to people. It started as a daily video blog and then it was a make-up/beauty blog, and then it became much more...I was connecting with people from all over the world, and I was humbled to learn that people wanted to hear my story, to be a part of my life, and that I discovered was the best way I could share my love of music and opera with the world. The amazing thing is that I've had people follow my channels and then come for the first time to the opera...that was so inspiring!