Humans of the MET: Julia Pilant

MET violist Katherine Anderson has been interviewing orchestra members to capture a snapshot of the many personalities of the MET as they talk about their lives both in and out of music.  She sits down with Julia Pilant, Assistant Principal Horn of the MET since 2009.

(photo by Stephanie Mortimore)

(photo by Stephanie Mortimore)

KA:  What was the best  day of your life?

JP:  I have two "best" days:

The first was winning the job at the MET.   It was actually the third time I had taken the Met audition and I thought "Well, I've got nothing to lose!"  Amazingly, that same day, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra also offered me a job. These are my two favorite orchestras.  In thinking back, I really should've bought a lottery ticket!

The second best day was my 40th birthday party.   I completely planned it and invited my brothers, their wives and ten incredibly close friends, one of whom I've known since I was two. They had no idea what we were doing for the party until that evening.  I took them to a really nice restaurant and then we went to Korea Town and did karaoke until 2am (from the sublime to the ridiculous in no time)!  Everyone was gobsmacked (shocked and super surprised) and left the way we had started...with smiles and laughter.  The best kind of celebration!